International Women’s Day 2017

A little bit of research, a little collaboration and preparation for an art exhibition celebrating International Women’s Day 2017 called “Champions” and taking place in Hackney east London.

champion swimmer.png



Rain, a hammer, and nine nails.

October came with rain and a colder air. I had two two hour windows of opportunity over a packed weekend. I had two art exhibitions to mount and my word to keep. There was no help. I packed everything into a trolley bag; scissors, sellotape, name-tags, nine nails three of which were bent, a hammer and original art works many of whose titles I had simply forgotten.

I reached Hackney Central Library before the lost souls came in from the rain or their hostels.I kept in my disappointment at seeing another exhibition still inside the cabinets I was allocated, nay promised, in March. I was determined to mount Scarf Art and get away.Happily the other exhibition belonged to Colin O’Brien, Hackney photographer, and that was like my postcard at The Mill being hung next to Grayson Perry’s. I was proud to be O’Brien’s dismantler.

Bish bosh and the scarves were inside the cabinets. I was away into the pouring rain and out to Stratford before ten o’clock.

Stratford Picture House ghost staff hadn’t a clue as to where what and how I’d mount my art exhibition. I whooshed past their open mouths, lifted my trolley up the stairs, banged in a nail and did my best with my six “At The Swim” canvases. The wall is not a precious hanging place but I was gentle and swift. 

Way to go, eh.‚Äč


RAGWORKS quilt in the making.


On Thursday seniors who were at my Headscarves 1950 s art exhibition launch and who were invited to paint a design in 1950 style on a piece of hemmed fabric I gave them which represented an headscarf, will submit their work to me and I shall exhibit it in Hackney Central Library.
I am Brussels. RIP victims.